A story of passion

Our passion for wine was born in 1900 when Uncle Piero Zecchini, known as “Bigaj”, a cellarman by trade, was working for a few wineries in the area.
This passion was handed down through the generations and subsequently matured when Sante Zecchini decided to embark on a new adventure.
The Zecchini Winery is a family business that was born with a passion:

love for the land and for all good things.


Zecchini Società Agricola snc
Località Costa, 86 - 37023 Grezzana, VR Italy
Tel. +39 045 8650903 - Fax +39 045 8658066
www.vinizecchini.it - info@vinizecchini.it
P. Iva 03709310233